What Is a Spiritual Awakening?

Spiritual awakening
Spirituial awakening

Spiritual awakening

The term spiritual awakening is something that can be found in different cultures around the world. It refers to a state where through a series of external and internal events one rediscovers oneself and thereby can experience that one sees the world with new eyes (since the world is only a reflection of our interior).

When you go through a spiritual awakening, you gain new insights about yourself and the world you live in. In many ways, it can feel like waking up from a dream or hibernation. A dream where everything went on autopilot, and then see everything clearly and for what it really is.

In other words, a spiritual awakening means that you wake up to yourself. You see yourself in the light of your true self. Suddenly understand that you have not lived according to your authentic self. A spiritual awakening is when you gain a new understanding of yourself and the world you live in. Often it can feel impossible to ever go back to your previous way of living after the newfound knowledge.

Spiritual awakening

The steps in a spiritual awakening

The spiritual awakening process can differ greatly from person to person. Most common to many is that major life changes or trauma triggers it. It can be anything from a move, a separation (friendly or romantic), a change of job or career. These situations results in a feeling of emptiness. Even not being satisfied with one’s life, which initiates new processes within one. This is followed by a number of steps in the process of rediscovering who you really are.

Are you curious to take part in six steps that often define the spiritual awakening process? They’re coming here!

1.You feel a spiritual calling

The first step towards rediscovering oneself is usually defined by a feeling of being called to change. As I mentioned, you may feeling dissatisfied with your current life situation, which make you feel called to make changes. At this stage you are faced with a choice, to accept the change and adventure ahead, or to resist. On a deeper level, it’s not a choice, your soul knows it’s time for change and pushes you to it. If you keep fighting back and to what your soul wants, the Universe can put you through trying situations. Those are repeated over and over again until you finally choose yourself and accept the change that lies ahead. These are called karmic situations that happen for you and not against you, to help you towards your Highest Self.


2.The search for answers

At this stage,you may feel like the world you live in is too narrow for your expanding consciousness. You will notice how things in your life begin to fall away. Even some situations will feel unfamiliar and uncomfortable.

Things that you always took for granted such as relationships, beliefs are questioned. Everything else that you used to see as constant and unwavering are now being shaken up. This is a tough period to go through. It feels like your whole life is thrown up in the air and you lost your security. You may feel very alone and confused about what is happening. It is important to remember that this phase is necessary in order to develop and embrace your authentic self. This confusion and despair often leads one to choose to explore new life philosophies in search of answers. This then leads one further on the spiritual journey.

3.Gathering of knowledge

In this phase, you find new concepts and ideas that you absorb like a sponge. A feeling of excitement and elation permeates you as you get answers to all your innermost questions. You learn everything there is to learn about spirituality, buy books and book sessions with healers and mediums. You learn a little about everything in your search until you find what resonates with you and your soul.

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4.Expanded understanding of oneself

This stage is defined by you coming closer to yourself thanks to all the knowledge you have so far. You gain a greater understanding of how you function. What your strengths and weaknesses are and what is really important to you on a soul level. You come to realization and also begin to embody your true nature through your unique talents and abilities. It is common that you start to feel more confident. You wil establish clearer boundaries with the people around you, because you realize your own worth.

5.Establishment of a new way of being

Once you get this far, you begin to slowly integrate and establish new routines. You have realized your value and found your beliefs. Is the beginning of making your new life an everyday life. There may be a few things that keeps you from reaching out your full potential. It could be limiting beliefs about yourself, or relationships that hold you back. Here is the time to do shadow work and clear out things that no longer serve you.

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6.Surrender to the Universe

The final stage of spiritual awakening is symbolized by total acceptance and trust in the Universe. Now you have been through difficulties and doubts. Finally arrived at a state of trust, bliss and peace of mind. You understand that you are an important part of the universal consciousness. You may feel called to help in the work towards improving the world.

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In summary, a spiritual awakening is a complicated and often difficult process that can extend over a long period. The various steps described here are an overview of what a spiritual awakening might look like. Just remember that we are all such unique and different individuals, so the process looks different for all of us. A spiritual awakening is not a continuous stairway up. We can jump back and forth between the different phases during different periods of our life. The most important thing in awakening is to trust, accept, and believe that everything is happening in the right timing for a reason. Everything happens so that you can live your very best life in line with who you really are.

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