10 Signs of a Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual awakening
Spiritual Awakening

The Spiritual Journey

The spiritual awakening journey is a big process that will change your life in many ways.

It can often feel a bit challenging. And, it is common to think that you are walking around with a lingering cold. The reality is that your physical body changes and adapts to your developed psyche.

Right now in the world a mass awakening is taking place. Large number of people are beginning to come to an understanding of themselves and the world. In 2020, most people begun their awakening. And the reason is that what most people took for granted, suddenly disseapeared with the pandemic.

First, makes you question your life and the way society made you live. Possibly, you have felt for a long time something tingling inside. The spiritual awakening leads to a strong will to change yourself. Along with the change, one often begins to develop new interests and find new communities, and suddenly one’s view of the world changes completely. Life takes on a new meaning and you see yourself with new eyes.

Spiritual awakening
Spiritual awakening

10 common signs of a spiritual awakening

1. You feel a greater connection to animals and nature.

2. You are drawn to new books that open your mind and increase your awareness.

3. Your empathy and compassion increase.

4. You have an inner longing for a greater meaning.

5. Your intuition is strengthened and you have a stronger inner voice.

6. You peel back layers and show more and more of your true self to the world.

7. You feel a greater need for alone time and silence.

8. You experience more synchronicities.

9. You take better care of your body and feel the need to eat more healthy food.

10. You become aware of your actions and take your destiny into your own hands.

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  1. […] Life goes through different phases and your soul thus travels through different dimensions on its spiritual journey and awakening. The fourth dimension on earth is where your soul lives to learn as much as possible from this earthly reality. Here we are to learn, that is to develop your soul, and you are here to love, this message is repeated in your spiritual awakening continuously. […]

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