About the Soulmate

About the Twinflame



Soulmate is a familiar term. Although it can have different definitions of what means to you, usually means pretty much the same thing.

Soul family and twin flames

All people belong to a soul family, which can vary greatly in size. One of these soul families is your so-called twin flame, while the others are your soulmates. You will also meet most of them during your lifetime, and this can happen both consciously and unconsciously. This makes meeting one more likely than meeting your twin flame in your lifetime.

Soul family, soulmate
Soul family

What are soulmates

Soulmates are usually described as two individuals from the same soul family. They have met in life after life and thus are destined to meet again and again. So you have lived with your soulmate before and you were also born at the same time in a soulful way. Everyone has one and it can be reassuring to know that there is someone out there waiting for you.

A soulmate is a mirror image of yourself. You experience feelings that you never did before, and you also get closeness and an understanding to a soulmate that you don’t have with anyone else. To encounter one is the start of a strong inner journey within us. The journey is largely about being less selfish and opening up to unconditional love.

It is usually said that one’s soulmates purpose is to help. To learn from each other, help each other grow and develop, and also for a relationship with your twin flame. This applies regardless of whether it happens in this life or in the next life. It is not always the case that are meant to be together. In the same life or not.

Regardless of whether we live together, or choose to live together, with our soulmate, it is the love for ourselves that is the most important. It is our own job to be responsible for our own happiness and this is not something to be placed on a soulmate. In order to even be able to meet our soulmate, we have to be receptive so that the meeting can be as good as possible.


Signs that you have met a soulmate

  1. There are several different signs that indicate that you have met your soulmate.
  2. You experience an instinctive pull towards that person.
  3. The attraction is also a deeper feeling than a crush or a physical attraction.
  4. You are deeply affected by it. Always thinking about it and cannot resist is attraction.
  5. You can neither explain nor deny the feelings you experience.
  6. You feel that you already have a deep relationship and you talk to each other often and for a long time.
  7. You get sensations like never before with physical touch.
  8. You communicate without words and understand each other’s thoughts.
  9. You feel each other’s pain.
  10. You feel safe and comfortable together with your soulmate.


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