The Spiritual Awakening and the Rebirth

Spiritual awakening
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Rebirth – Spiritual Awakening

Life goes through different phases and your soul thus travels through different dimensions on its spiritual journey and awakening. The fourth dimension on earth is where your soul lives to learn as much as possible from this earthly reality. Here we are to learn, that is to develop your soul, and you are here to love, this message is repeated in your spiritual awakening continuously.

Before you come to earth, your soul enters into a kind of spiritual contract with the lessons you will experience on earth. So you already know in advance what will happen to you! But when you are born, pass through the “veil of oblivion” as it is called and you forget the contract you made in the spirit world with the divinity and the other souls you meet later on earth.

Your Choiceyour spiritual awakening

You choose before you are born to incarnate with the same people you lived with before on earth. Or could be completely different souls to incarnate with in this life. You might instead be incarnate as the son of your mother who in the previous life was your partner. The roles may be completely new in the next life.

The memories of previous lives you have forgotten in your new life. This makes you form a new family here in new, different ways of being together.

Despite erasing the memory of the previous life, many get downloads during their spiritual awakening.

Your Decision

You decide everything that will happen in your new life in the spiritual contract you write before the next incarnation. That´s so you as a soul will achieve as much learning as possible. Your incarnation is in line with what your soul is learning right now.

My own opinion and what I want to add here is that the goal of all existence is love. And that is something you discover very soon when you start your spiritual awakening. It is the divine ultimate goal to live in and understand divine love as much as possible. Some mediums believe that we as souls eventually incarnate in the spirit world as divine beings in different hierarchical roles. We all become divinity in the end when we fully understand the divine love for us. That comes based on life experience while we serve that love with our full potential.

Love is Everything

Many religious beliefs say that one should give love as much as one can in all relationships. It is consistent with the Buddhist beliefs that advocate compassion as the most important emotion to use. It is within alignment with your spiritual awakening.

Feel free to read the Dalai Lama’s book “The Art of Happiness: A Handbook for Living.” (2016) which explains this way of life.

Practice daily love in life. It is my personal way of life and is such a bliss and blessing living in love and gratitude. Deeper you are into your spiritual awakening, the more you will feel it.

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