The 7 Chakras and Our Emotions

How to Balance Your Chakras

7 Chakras
7 Chakras

The 7 Chakras

It is known the modern idea that our body is matter and nothing else. We have a mental body, an emotional body, and an energetic body moved, precisely, by emotions. It is represented by our 7 chakras.

The term chakra comes from Sanskrit (the classical language of India) which means wheel. They are our energy centers and there are 7 chakras. All are distributed along the spinal column. This together form the column of the subtle body, better known as Sushumna Nadi. This column of the energy body is connected to the physical column through the spinal cord. In turn, the chakras connect with each other thanks to the Nadis or energy channels.

Chakras Origin

The word “nadi” comes from the Sanskrit meaning tube or artery and they form our energy system. Through this, emotional information and prana or vital energy circulate. One of the ways in which our body absorbs this vital energy is through our breathing. Our emotions are in a difficult-to-control swing and, we are more likely to overreact to any event. We can not think clearly, and we can not have restful sleep. Results in increase stress and anxiety.

That´s why breathing is important. If we allow prana to stop circulating correctly, we unbalance our energetical body and our emotions are affected.

Each chakra works with a different emotion. It can be activated in different ways. One of the ways is yoga, as a healing tool to connect body, mind, and soul.


I will describe each chakra and write a question for you to answer personally. To help you identify what you need to heal. Take it as an ​​opportunity to improve and get a little closer each day to experiencing harmony, equanimity and peace in your life.

I recommend that you write down all your answers. You can keep them as a record and you can compare your notes. You can write an action plan to heal that emotion. And, like any healing process, it begins by identifying the first step to achieving what you want.

1. Muladhara

It is the root chakra, red in color, located at the base of the spine. It connects us with the earth and helps us to have self-confidence, personal control, stability, and balance.

Question: In what areas of my life do I lose stability and why?

2. Svadhisthana

It is the chakra of creativity and sensitivity, orange in color. Is located two fingers below the navel, which teaches us to flow like water. It is good to have structure and control in our lives. It is very important to let go of the things we cannot control.

Question: What do I want with all my heart to do and have not allowed myself to do it? Because of guilt, and fear of being judged. The fear of what others will think of me. Many limitations come from childhood.

3. Manipura

It is the will chakra, yellow in color, located in the solar plexus. It controls our internal fire, our willpower, and our personal power.

Question: How often do I allow others to decide for me and under what circumstances?

4. Anahata

It is the heart chakra, green, located in the center of the chest. It teaches us to love and compassion towards other living beings and towards ourselves. Shows us the importance of forgiveness to break the ties generated by mental impurities. It set us free. This chakra works as a bridge to unite and balance, through breathing.

Question: Who have I not been able to forgive and what emotions has this situation produced in me? I must understand that forgiveness is a decision that will free me from negative emotions.

5. Vishuddha

It is the sound chakra, blue in color, located at the height of the throat. Teaches us to communicate and express ourselves with other living beings. To listen to ourselves to know what we really want.

Question: In what areas of my life do I not know how to express myself and why?

6. Ajna

Ajna: it is the chakra of intuition, indigo color, located between the eyebrows. Known as the third eye, this chakra gives us light to learn to listen to our wise inner voice.

Question: What are the consequences of not listening to my inner voice?

7. Sahasrara

It is the chakra that connects us with the divinity, violet or white, located in the crown of the head. Sometimes, our earthly mind can no longer find a solution, listen with this chakra to the answers from above.

Question: In which situation of my life did I realize was really a miracle, a work of the Universe?

Let us apply these ancient teachings to learn to heal ourselves and have a meaningful life.

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