Crafting Your Spiritual Swipe File

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Dear Seeking Soul,

In my early days as a spiritual explorer, before I began my journey as a Spiritual Coach, I encountered a strategy from the world of copywriting that struck a deep chord: the Swipe File. A Swipe File is a collection of tested and proven materials, and I saw potential for a similar concept in spirituality.

What is a Spiritual Swipe File?

It’s a personal, living document where you collect pieces of wisdom, practices, affirmations, and insights that resonate with you. It becomes your go-to resource in times of need, a touchstone to ground and guide you on your spiritual path.

When I was grappling with life’s turbulence, my Spiritual Swipe File was my compass. It contained a handwritten note from my mentor, affirmations that calmed my anxious heart, and meditations that helped me find my center.

Creating Your Swipe File:
  • Collect affirmations that empower you
  • Save meditations or prayers that bring peace
  • Note down insights or wisdom from spiritual texts
  • Add personal reflections or spiritual goals
Regularly Review and Update:

Make it a habit to revisit your Swipe File. Add new insights, remove what no longer serves you, and reflect on your growth.

Dear reader, your Swipe File is more than a collection; it’s a mirror reflecting your evolving spiritual journey, grounded in wisdom and love.

May your Swipe File be the lantern that lights your path, as mine has been for me.

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