When the Stars Aligned: My Personal Astrology Journey

How Astrology Became My Inner Compass, Guiding My Personal Growth and Transformation
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Dear Cosmic Traveler,

I am Katherine, your Spiritual Coach, and today I have a tale to share—one that transcends the earthly realm and stretches out to the celestial bodies that govern our skies.

Astrology Beyond Horoscopes

As a youngster, I considered astrology to be mere entertainment—a paragraph in a magazine predicting whether I’d find love or wealth. Little did I know, it was so much more.

The Night of Revelation

A rural stargazing trip became my cosmic rite of passage. Looking up at the moon in its gibbous phase, I felt a certain connection and clarity that I had never experienced before. It was as if Luna herself whispered, urging me to delve deeper into astrology.

Meeting My Natal Chart

When I laid eyes on my natal chart for the first time, it was like looking into a cosmic mirror. Each planet told a story of my life, and suddenly I was more aware of why I felt certain urges, fears, or moments of happiness.

Mars and My Willpower

I noticed a unique aspect between Mars and Pluto in my chart, which astrology suggests is a sign of strong willpower and resilience. This insight helped me harness my energy more effectively and navigate personal and professional obstacles.

Farewell, But Not Goodbye

So, my celestial wanderer, as you traverse through the journey of life, may you find your cosmic compass just as I found mine. Astrology has been more than a study; it’s been a mentor, a friend, and a guide.

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