Numerology and My Transformative Lessons

Numbers and What They Mean for Your Own Spiritual Path
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Dear Path-Finder,

It’s Katherine here, and today we’re peeling back another layer of my personal journey—a journey steeped in the wisdom of numbers, in the art and science of numerology.

Baby Steps

My initiation into numerology was somewhat accidental. A random book at an old bookstore caught my eye, and before I knew it, I was deciphering birth charts and Pythagorean squares.

A True Eye-Opener

In numerology, the Expression Number is drawn from your full name and gives insights into your talents and shortcomings. I was humbled when my Expression Number, 11 -“The Psychic”, reaffirmed my natural inclination toward spiritual teaching. It was a genuine moment of self-awareness.

Karmic Debts and Life Lessons

One of the more profound experiences was discovering my karmic debt numbers, a challenging yet enlightening process that forced me to confront past-life energies that might be holding me back.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

I’ve had the privilege of aligning my life choices—from relationships to career moves—based on my numerological chart. The insights have been eerily accurate, filling my journey with profound synchronicities.

A Katherine’s Wisdom

Remember, numerology is like a mirror reflecting not only who you are but also who you could become. The numbers speak, and if we listen carefully, they can guide us through the maze of life with grace and purpose.

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