The Lessons I’ve Learned from Astrology

Greetings, Cosmic Explorer,

I’m Katherine, your Spiritual Coach, and I invite you to venture into my narrative of discovery, molded and illuminated by the eternal wisdom of astrology.

Starlit Beginnings

I grew up in a humble environment, a small town where star-gazing wasn’t just a pastime but a way of life. Yet, it took me years to understand the teaching power behind these celestial beacons.

The Moon and Emotional Tides

I remember a Lunar Eclipse occurring during a particularly emotionally hard period. The Moon, ever the ruler of emotions, was teaching me to let go. To release. To cleanse my emotional palette. And so, I did.

Neptune’s Mystical Touch

During my mid-thirties, Neptune began its transit through my 12th House, often called the House of Unseen Enemies. It was a time of unveiling hidden truths. Though painful, it was also freeing, enabling me to engage in life with an openness I had never felt before.

Saturn’s Stern Lessons

Saturn, often dubbed the taskmaster, has taught me accountability and responsibility in ways that no life experience could. When Saturn transited my 7th House of Relationships, I learned valuable lessons about boundaries and mutual respect.

The Celestial Classroom

Astrology is not just a study of planets and stars; it’s a celestial classroom, rich with life-altering lessons and soulful insights. Ready to enroll?

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