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  • Astrology: Why It’s Not Merely Pseudoscience

    Dear Reader, Astrology is a very intriguing world and I appreciate your curiosity. There’s a popular misconception labeling astrology as ‘pseudoscience’, and today, as a Spiritual Coach, I’m here to address this skepticism and shed light on the true essence of astrology. Astrology, an ancient discipline tracing back thousands of years, studies the relationship between…

  • Channeling: A Journey into the Energy of the Mind

    Human Mind Throughout history, philosophers, mystics, and scientists alike have tried to explore and unravel the intricate tapestry of the human mind. However, the secret to harnessing the power within often lies not in scientific equations or complex philosophical concepts, but in the ancient practice of channeling the energy of the mind. Unraveling the Energy…

  • Spiritual Wisdom of Ancient Traditions

    Spiritual Wisdom of Ancient Traditions